Scrap Metal Recycling Birmingham, AL

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Located in Birmingham, AL, we offer competitive pricing on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We currently operate a state of the art Shredder that processes appliances, light iron, and other white goods. Matter Management also processes heavy scrap such as plate and structural steel and heavy melt steel.

  • Metal Shredder- Our shredder allows us to process items such as appliances and light gauge steel.  We purchase these shreddable goods and turn them into raw materials for steel mills.  We are also able to sort and collect the trash and other non-ferrous items found in the scrap.
  • Brokerage Division- Matter Management’s brokerage division trades all types of metals. Because of our strategic location we are able to trade and ship prepared materials quickly and conveniently to the numerous steel mills and processors located in and around the Southeast. We offer fast payment terms, and with the help of our transportation division, we can pick up your materials with a variety of trucks including large capacity dump trailers.

  • Aluminum recycling - Recycling aluminum requires only 5% of the energy used to make new aluminum. Approximately 31% of all aluminum produced in the United States comes from recycled scrap. Common sources of aluminum include: automobiles, bicycles, boats, computers, cookware, gutters, siding, and wire. Unlike plastic, aluminum can be continuously recycled. Recycling aluminum in Birmingham, AL, is a great way to earn extra cash while protecting and minimizing damage to the environment.
  • Copper Recycling - Copper is a very malleable metal with high thermal and electrical conduction properties, which is one of the key reasons why it is so popular in generators, air conditioners, and many other electronic devices. Recycling one ton of copper will save 15% of the energy used in extracting and producing the same amount of this non-renewable resource. Less energy usage means saving fossil fuels and less emission of greenhouse gases.
  • Iron and Steel Recycling - Ferrous metals are those which contain an appreciable percent of iron. The most commonly recycled of these metals is steel, which is made from combining the iron with carbon and other substances. Steel appliances are typically approximately 75% steel by weight, and automobiles are usually close to 65% steel and iron.
  • Recycling of other metals - We recycle all different types of metals: brass, bronze, metal sludge; we will take most any metal!

At Matter Management, we truly excel in keeping our customers happy and our environment clean.  Our recycling center is conveniently located just west of Birmingham; Contact us or give us a call at 205-788-1400 today for more information regarding how we can help you turn your junk into profits!

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