Tips for Understanding Scrap Metal Prices

Posted by Brad Parsons, 02-12-2013
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There are many factors that are part of determining the prices of scrap metal, but the foremost is the availability of the metal in nature. For example, extensive mining operations have caused severe depletion in the natural reserves of certain raw materials like iron ore and coal. This has the immediate implication of high prices for these materials, due to the ever-growing demand by industries all over the world. Because of this, things made of iron are prime candidates for recycling at a scrap yard, and they will fetch a good price.

Aside from ferrous metals, other metals like copper and aluminum will also bring in a good price. Copper as a metal has several uses, ranging from manufacturing automobiles to electrical wiring. Recycling copper is a good idea because it is difficult to retrieve in its pure form, and mining/refining it has detrimental effects on the environment. Anything made of copper is likely to earn you a good price at the scrap yard. This rule also applies to aluminum, brass, and lead. So if you have old aluminum cans and brass pots in your home that are no longer being used, a lucrative option would be to bring them down to our recycling center where we can give you top dollar for these unused items.

Scrap metal prices will also vary by the degree of handling that the material requires after being turned over for recycling. The relation between price and handling is inversely proportional, meaning that the more handling the material requires, the lower the amount paid to the seller. This is because we will be required to employ more people and pay additional wages for the extra work that is needed of our team. If you wish to seek a higher price for your scrap metal, then before taking it to our Birmingham based recycling center, you should take the time to separate all of the different grades.

Like any business, your understanding of every aspect involved will play a large role in determining how much profit you are able to make. By taking each of these points into consideration, you will be able to maximize your efforts with each trip to the recycling center.