What Size Dumpster Do I Need?

Posted by Brad Parsons, 01-23-2013
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Dumpsters can be used to help you organize your waste and debris at home, as well as at construction sites or offices. Though the word ‘dumpster’ is utilized as a term that means ‘waste bin or receptacle’, it is actually a brand name that was patented by the Dempster Brothers in the 1930s. Dumpsters, as they are now commonly called, are built so that they can be lifted by a machine and emptied into a huge dump truck.

Dumpsters are available in varying sizes, depending on the requirements. For the most part, dumpster measurements are in cubic yards. Our 10 yard, 15 yard, 20 yard, and 30 yard dumpsters are perfect for either small or bigger businesses, remodeling of homes, community areas, and locations where construction work is in progress. Typically, a ten yard dumpster will hold a whole couch or a king sized mattress. This size is perfect for a thorough home cleaning.

A fifteen or twenty yard dumpster can be used for flooring or carpet remodeling, to refurbish a deck, or take away shingles from approximately 3,000 square feet of floor or roof. It can also be used for elaborate home clean outs. However, when it is a question of breaking down a home and rebuilding it, you would likely need to rent a thirty yard dumpsters. These huge receptacles are commonly utilized at construction sites.

So if you have plans to rent a dumpster, whether it will be on a regular basis or for a one-time job, you must consider what you plan to get rid of and how much, so that you can decide what sized dumpster you will require. In some cases you could need more than one dumpster, in different sizes; for example you might need one for waste to be removed and another one to store items that you will use at a later date.

A customized dumpster with a pick up schedule based around your needs could be just what your home or business needs to maximize your efficiency! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you organize and dispose of your waste!