How to Get the Best Prices on Scrap Metal Recycling?

Posted by Brad Parsons, 01-21-2013
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Necessity is the mother of invention. Although this is an age-old saying, it could not be more applicable than the present when there seems to be no end to the current recession. Since getting laid off seems to have become an increasingly common phenomenon, who can blame people for utilizing their creativity in search for new sources of income? In this regard, one innovative idea that has become increasingly popular is scrap metal recycling.

Every home is full of metal which invariably erodes over a period of time and needs to be replaced. How would you react if someone told you that instead of discarding the metal pieces, they could be collected and sold as scrap? The best part about this idea is that it is actually as simple as it sounds and although unconventional, it is still practical enough to bring in an extra income. The most complicated part of this is the pricing. Before you get started, you will need to conduct some research so that you are able to identify a buyer who will pay a good price.

One way to ensure a good income is to gather information about which metals will fetch the highest price and the manner in which it is graded by the buyers. Grading of scrap metal is done by the standards of the industry for which it is intended. For example, brass is meant for engines, zinc is used for pipes, and copper is channeled for wire making units. Steel, cast iron, nickel and carbide are some of the other metals that are suitable for being recycled as scrap metal. From the buyer’s point of view, non-ferrous metal is the simplest to recycle because it can be easily broken down, while for ferrous metals there are specific sites which accept these in all forms.

Because prices of metals are subject to alterations on a daily basis, it is the seller’s responsibility to keep track of the fluctuations in the market and pinpoint a time when he will get the highest price. For people who do this on a regular basis, it is recommended that you find a buyer who offers competitive prices and then cultivate a long term working relationship with them.

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